It's 3:00 am and you're up again. 

Anxious swirling thoughts that won't stop, leaving you utterly exhausted.  Your heart is pounding in your chest and your whole body is wound so tight you think you might jump out of your skin.  You don't even know what relaxed feels like anymore. You're getting through the day, hiding your stress from the people around you, but you can't get ahead of it. You being to wonder - is there such a thing as high functioning anxiety?

All you want is a good night’s sleep,

where you can wake up feeling rested enough to do something fun like go for a walk on the Atlanta Beltline or the Greenway in Alpharetta/Roswell, enjoy being around family and friends, and be motivated to tackle the things that matter, instead of being caught up with things you can’t control. You hope tomorrow you'll be able to feel confident about how to respond to the things you CAN control.

I can help you get out from under the anxiety and learn to stop beating yourself up, teach you new and healthy ways to cope with chronic and situational anxiety, and help you tackle what's weighing you down.  If you're ready to start sleeping better and find some calm in your life, email or call/text me at 678.827.2111 for your free 15 minute phone consultation.