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Atlanta Area Adoptee Support

The Missing Piece of the Adoption Puzzle:

A Support Group* for Adult Adoptees

The purpose of this support group is to offer a safe, open space to explore feelings related to being adopted. Our expectation is that group members will be at different points in their journey of self-discovery. Members are welcome to bring search and reunion experiences to the group, but this is not specifically a search and reunion group.

Facilitators:  Karen Whitehead, LMSW and Kate Murphy, LMSW. Karen and Kate are colleagues at the Pathway Center for Psychotherapy. They were both adopted at birth and have their own unique search and reunion experiences.

When:  10:00-11:30 am on the second Saturday of each month

Location:  Pathway Center for Psychotherapy, Norcross, GA

Cost: Free

If interested email Karen or call/text 678.827.2111

The group is open to individuals over the age of 18 who were adopted at birth.

*Support Group definition: A group of people with common experiences and concerns who provide emotional and moral support for one another.


There are deeper motivations and questions for adopted individuals that relate to identity and “genealogical bewilderment.”  Adopted persons are often in touch with some or all of the following: a sense of loss, a feeling of not being grounded and lacking focus in their lives, a general sense of dissatisfaction, a feeling of never quite belonging, or feeling that they are not complete people.  Adopted persons often speak about a void in their lives or say that their lives are a puzzle with some missing pieces.

Many struggle with the question of whether they have a right to search for a birth family member. We see questioning as a normal part of this experience and see the possibility of healing as an important outcome.