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Atlanta Area Adoptee Support

What's missing for you?

Birthdays, holidays, major life events like graduation, getting married or having children, trigger a flood of questions for adult adoptees. 

You might think: Who am I… really? Is my birthmother thinking about me, does my birthfather know I exist?  Then comes the guilt.  You rationalize that you have wonderful parents, a great family, and this shouldn’t be important. 

Maybe the questions subside for a bit, decades even, then there it comes again, bubbling up at every turn. 

Feeling like you don’t belong, grieving a loss of people and relationships you never had, trying to fill in the missing pieces of your existence, you secretly think about searching for your birth family.  You’re afraid to tell anyone for fear they’ll think you’re ungrateful, and you feel isolated and alone.  Maybe you muster the courage to search and find members in your birth family.  Then what?  Navigating this unchartered relationship is terrifying and exhilarating with feelings that seem to change by the second.  Apologizing for needing to know, scared that you’re ruining someone else’s life, yet finally feeling that you’ve found that missing piece.

I’ve been there.  I can help you sort through the confusing ups and downs and deal with the ways being adopted has and continues to impact your life.  If you’re ready to smooth the edges of the puzzle pieces so they fit together in a way that works for you, whether you have all the pieces or not, email or call me at 678-827-2111 for a free 15 minute phone consultation.