Your phone buzzes.  You look at the screen and your heart sinks.

Is it your dad’s assisted living in Alpharetta calling to tell you he’s fallen?  Is it your mom calling to ask you to run an errand, take her to a doctor’s appointment at Northside? Maybe it’s not a call at all, but one of a zillion reminders of everything you have to do as you manage your loved one’s medical conditions, needs, and finances.  And that’s only half of it.  There’s also your own children, relationships, commitments, work, and responsibilities.  How the hell do you handle it all? 


The sandwich generation used to sound appealing.

Sandwiches are good, right? Satisfying and firm exterior, with a delicious and rewarding interior.  Instead you’re stuck in the middle, being pulled in opposite directions with no idea how to hold it all together. 

Do you often:

  • Tell yourself you can’t do anything well

  • Feel guilty and worried about your loved one

  • Think you’re not doing enough

  • Forget important activities like your daughter’s soccer practice, a friend’s birthday, an important meeting a work, or that you meant to mail brownies to your son in college for exams

  • Wonder if your kids can start to Uber to/from their activities because you haven’t figured out how to be in 3 or more places at once

Once upon a time, you could hold all the balls in the air, now they’re pounding down like rain in a thunderstorm.

I can help.  Together we will tackle the practical pieces of helping a loved one with cancer or medical needs, senior living, and lessen the emotional weight of your responsibilities giving you the freedom to enjoy and thrive in this stage of life.