Hypnotherapy - Alpharetta, GA

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy or clinical hypnosis is a tool used to enhance psychotherapy by inducing a calm state of relaxation, often called a trance, in which clients have a heightened focus and attention. During a hypnotherapy session, the client is always in control and although deeply relaxed, very aware of the session. This trance-like state allows the subconscious mind to be receptive to positive messages and suggestions aside from the chatter of the conscious mind. This often leads beneficial changes and awareness of the things that keep us stuck in challenging patterns.

When is Hypnotherapy beneficial?

Hypnotherapy is often used as an adjunct to psychotherapy or “talk” therapy when clients are motivated to change. Hypnotherapy can be beneficial for any client who desires to gain a new way of coping with difficult emotions such as anxiety or fear, make a behavior change such as eating healthier or exercising more, improve motivation and self-esteem, reduce stress, or uncover the root of emotional or behavioral patterns.

What does treatment look like?

I meet individually with clients to discuss their goals and concerns and typically alternate a psychotherapy session with a hypnotherapy session.  Although everyone can achieve this high state of relaxation, each person will respond at their own rate.  Many people will notice a shift toward their goal after the first session, but in most cases repeated sessions are often needed to achieve the desired result. 

Are you going to make me stare at a pendulum?

Hypnotherapy or hypnosis that is used as part of a clinical session, is not like you see in the movies!  It is similar to a personalized guided meditation or visualization.  Most clients close their eyes and listen to the sound of my voice guide them deeper and deeper into relaxation.  The client is awake and always in control, participating and remembering the session.  

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