Counselor in Alpharetta, GA

Everyone in Alpharetta seems to have the perfect life.

They have it all together, happy and laughing every weekend at Avalon or at one of the many new restaurants off S. Main, spending time at the lake or the beach while you’re stuck at home binge-watching Netflix wondering why you don’t enjoy life anymore.

You thought your life would be different by now, you’d be more settled, happy even. Don’t get me wrong, you’re happy sometimes, but it’s fleeting, you can never seem to hold onto it.



You’re overwhelmed, exhausted, and just surviving the day.

Instead of enjoying time with your friends and family you're hanging out by yourself googling:

"How to stop anxiety?"
"What to do when you can't sleep?"
"How to handle the stress of caregiving?"
"What are signs that the cancer is coming back?"

And you end up feeling more and more anxious, overwhelmed, and hopeless as you put on an Academy Award winning performance for your family and friends.

Your life feels chaotic and out of control.

The truth is, you deserve to have calm in your life, to sleep well, to live without fear and constant worry, and to balance your responsibilities with fun and enjoyment.

You "should be able to handle this."

In Alpharetta it can seem that everyone is a high achiever and no one has any problems. It’s easy to get caught in the spiral of wondering why you can’t get a grip and putting off getting help. But telling yourself you should be doing better isn’t working. You’re up in the middle of the night distracted by your worries, your anxiety is getting worse, and you're isolating yourself even more because putting on a happy, positive face is too hard.

Finding a therapist in Alpharetta can help.

I can help - - - you're in the right place. I know how overwhelming and chaotic life can be. I’m dedicated to helping you reduce the stress and anxiety so you can laugh freely, sleep soundly at night, and enjoy your time with the people around you.

Getting started with therapy doesn't have to be hard. If the thought of contacting a counselor in Alpharetta, GA is triggering your anxiety, I'm here to guide you through the process every step of the way. We’ll talk on the phone before scheduling our first appointment to be sure we are a good fit, and I’ll share with you what to expect when we meet and answer any questions you may have. Whether you’ve never seen a therapist before, or you consider yourself therapy savvy, it’s important to feel comfortable and have a good fit. Initial sessions are 90 minutes long so we can cover everything we need to get started and begin working together to help you feel better, giving you a tool or two to try before we meet again.

Life can get easier - - you can do this!

I specialize in therapy and counseling in Alpharetta, GA for adults with anxiety, cancer/chronic illness, caregivers, and adult adoptees considering or in the midst of search and reunion. Click on the images below to learn more about my specialties, or email or call/text me at 678-827-2111 for your free 15 min phone consultation to find out more about counseling in Alpharetta, GA and how I can help lift the weight off your shoulders that’s dragging you down.